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Monthly Roamers Hawaii Itinerary - 2021

Monthly Roamers is all about fun and getting stuff done. We will be staying at a house right on a private beach and we will be including breakfast every day.

For our Hawaii 2021 group, we have our M.R. sponsored activities

1- Hanauma Bay | Saturday, January 9

Hanauma Bay is one of the most beautiful, iconic, snorkeling areas on Oahu. The view from the top is a view not to be missed. This gem is tucked away in a bay, protected from the open ocean. You will see all kinds of tropical fish and turtles. This will be the ultimate spot for snorkeling.

2- Surf Lessons | Saturday, January 16

Endless Summer! This is on almost everyones bucket list, and for good reason. There is nothing like catching a wave, feeling the sunshine on your face, and the warm waters of Hawaii on your feet. Surfing will have you smiling from ear to ear.

3- Polynesian Culture Center | Saturday, January 23

The Polynesian Cultural Center is where you will learn all about the Polynesian culture and it's fascinating! This is such a fun day, with endless amounts of things you can do while there. You won't want to miss this!

4- Whale Watching | Saturday , January 30

We are surrounded by water and decided to take advantage of it. We will be exploring the coastline of Oahu looking for these beautiful creatures. If you have ever wanted to see a whale in the wild, this is your trip. Bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, dramamine, and camera!

Below are each weeks Activities | Jan 4 - Feb 1, 2021

Monday Jan 4 - Jan 10, 2021

Day 1- Lanikai Beach 🏖 | Tuesday, January 5

Day 2- Crouching Tiger Hike ⛰️| Wednesday, January 6

Day 3- Waimea - cliff jumping | Thursday, January 7

Day 4- Koko Crater head and Waikiki fireworks ✨ | Friday, January 8

Day 5- Hanauma Bay - snorkeling 🐠 | Saturday, January 9

Day 6- Laie - Free day | Sunday, January 10

Crouching Lion Hike

Weekly Activities | Jan 11 - Jan 17, 2021

Day 8- Chinamans Hat 🛶 | Tuesday, January 12

Day 9- Electric beach 🐬 | Wednesday, January 13

Day 10- Pink Pillbox | Thursday, January 14

Day 11- Kaneohe Sandbar | Friday, January 15

Day 12- Surf Lessons 🏄 | Saturday, January 16

Day 13- Laie - Free day 🏖️ | Sunday, January 17

Waimea Bay Cliff Jumping

Weekly Activities | Jan 18 - Jan 24, 2021

Day 15- Chinamans Hat 🛶 | Tuesday, January 19

Day 16- Lanikai Pillbox and beach | Wednesday, January 20

Day 17- Sunset beach/Sharks cove 🌴 | Thursday, January 21

Day 18- Makapu’u Tide Pools and lighthouse hike | Friday, January 22

Day 19- Polynesian Cultural Center | Saturday, January 23

Day 20- Laie - Free day 🏖️ | Sunday, January 24

Makapu'u Tidepools

Weekly Activities | Jan 25 - Feb 1, 2021

Day 22- Haliewa beach 🏖️ | Tuesday, January 26

Day 23- Pali Lookout - Pali Puka Hike at sunset | Wednesday, January 27

Day 24- Ehukai Pillbox - Waimea 🌴 | Thursday, January 28

Day 25- Electric beach | Friday, January 29

Day 26- Whale Watching 🐋 | Saturday, January 30

Day 27- Laie - Free day 🏖️ | Sunday, January 31

Day 28- Fly Home ✈️ | Monday, February 1

ALL Saturday activities are Monthly Roamer sponsored activities. All activities during the week are free, with transportation included. You are welcome to come on each day activities or hangout at the house.

Game Nights

We'll also be having game nights and movie nights. It's a great way to get to know the group and enjoy a night in. If you have any fun games, bring them.

Beach House

We have access to a volleyball net at the house, boogie boards, private beach, etc. So a day at the house is always a great day.

If you have any suggestions for more activities, please join us on the Monthly Roamers Hub and leave a comment.

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