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Monthly Roamers Canary Islands Itinerary - 2020

It's really important to us that every Roamer is able to work in a comfortable space while abroad with us. While that's very important, we also make sure that our Roamers have fun, planned activities every week.

For our Canary Islands 2020 group, here are the actives we have planned:

1- Kayaking with Dolphins and snorkeling With Turtles | January 20

We are going to get up close and personal with Dolphins in their playground. We'll jump in kayaks and paddle across the bay and experience dolphins first hand. Then, we will head to a secluded area and jump in the water and swim with turtles. Bring your go-pro or underwater cameras this will be one for the books.

2- Ride Camels in Gran Canaria | January 25

There are seven islands in the Canary Islands. We will be heading to Gran Canaria to ride camels through the palm forest and then head to the sand dunes for some time at the beach. This will be a day of exploration and relaxation.

3- Mount Teide Volcano | February 1

There's a lot to see in the Canary Islands. The most popular of activities is the ride to the top of the volcano on Mount Teide. We will be taking a cable car to the top of the mountain and enjoying the views. Make sure to bring your selfie stick! You won't want to miss capturing yourself high above the clouds.

4- Deep Sea Fishing | February 12

We are surrounded by water and decided to take advantage of it. We will be deep sea fishing for Tuna, Marlin, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, and so many others. Bring your sunglasses, sunscreen, and dramamine! This will be an unforgettable day with some unforgettable catches.

The four activities mentioned above are the Monthly Roamers sponsored activities. Below are a few of the free activities we will be doing as a group:


While we're in the Canary Islands, we'll want to see as much of it as we have time for. We can plan group sight-seeing days. This could include:

• Los Gigantes cliffs

• Siam Park - Rated best water park in the world.

• Masca Valley

• Piscinas Naturales el Caletón

• Masca Gorge

Game Nights

We'll be bringing a few fun games with us. It's also a great way to get to know the group and enjoy a night in.

Sunday Church & Potluck

Anyone is welcome to join us for potluck after church. Bring a dish and kick back with us for a lazy Sunday afternoon.


Part of the joys of being in another country is the food. Every Monday we will get a group together to find a fun new restaurant to try. Come if you want! It's up to you.

These are just a few of the fun things we will be doing in the Canary Islands.

If you have any suggestions for more activities, please join us on the Monthly Roamers Hub and leave a comment.

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