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How to Find Cheap Flights

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

If you’re under a budget and can’t quite swing that first-class flight to your destination, there are so many resources out there to find cheap flights.

This blog can be used as a resource for you to find the best flight deal out there.

So, here are our recommendations:

1) Make sure to follow social accounts that post updates

There are a few social media accounts we recommend following. They share deals that they find to different countries all over the world. There may be a good deal to your specific destination! Here are the accounts we recommend you follow:

If you are flying out of Salt Lake City, here is an article that talks about different social media accounts to follow to find good flight deals.

2) Sign up for emailing lists that send you flight deals

There are a handful of services out there that will send you good flight deals. Sign up for their free service. Here are our recommendations for which services you should sign up for:

3) Try flying to and from different airports that are nearby

Check other airports in the country you’re headed to, or even in other countries nearby. In Europe, for example, once you’re there you can find cheap flights, or trains, to take you to your final destination. Here is a service that can help you find affordable ways to get to where you want to be:

There are a handful of discount airlines in Europe and Asia. Here are some that we recommend:

You can also find cheaper flights flying out of major hubs in the United States. For example, you can find cheaper flights to Europe and Asia from LAX and JFK. Then, you could buy a separate ticket to either of those hubs.

4) Search for flights in “incognito”

Use the “incognito” mode when searching for flights. What does that mean? Search engines use a tracking tool called “cookies.” Basically this means travel sites can tell that you’ve been looking at a particular destination and will do whatever they can to raise the prices on you. Making sure your browser is in “incognito” will ensure that these travel sites can’t track your search history.

5) Check flight travel companies

There are flight travel companies that will list out your different airline options to your final destination. They will list the flights from the cheapest to the most expensive. Make sure to check these sites regularly in “incognito” mode.

6) Use your travel points

Do you have a credit card? Many cards offer points that can be applied towards travel. If you don’t have one, sign up today and you could earn up to 60,000 points by meeting their qualifications. You can apply these points directly to a flight to receive a discount, or even pay for the whole flight depending on how many points you have. Chase Sapphire Preferred, for example, is offering 60,000 points.

7) Work With a Monthly Roamers Representative

If you’ve applied to Monthly Roamers and want to come on one of our trips, we will connect you with our staff and they will assist you in finding flight deals. You can work with them directly to do this, and they will also be keeping you up to date on when they find flight deals to your destination.

You can always find good flight deals. Sometimes it just takes a little work. Thankfully, once you’ve applied to Monthly Roamers, you’ll have a team helping you find a good deal.

Haven’t applied to Monthly Roamers yet?

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