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Joe, AZ

I loved my experience with Monthly Roamers! Not only did M.R. ensure we had a very nice, comfortable apartment in the heart of Rome, they also planned great activities for us to do as a group! I enjoyed the great friends I made! We all had similar interests and had tons of fun together!

Beth, UT

The Monthly Roamer's trip was such a blast. It was so fun meeting a whole group of new pals and going on crazy adventures. It was the best not having to worry about finding accommodations and planning every second of the trip. The work play/balance was perfect. I was glad to be able to have purpose in my day while with a traveling mindset for a month. Working hard in the morning or whenever, made the exploring, playing or just chilling after words, so rich. Catch me on the next trip!

Heidi, CA

I truly loved my experience with Monthly Roamers! To be honest, I was a bit skeptical about traveling with total strangers, but these strangers turned out to be so fun and quickly became friends. I loved taking little trips to nearby cities with fellow Roamers who had the same interests as me and introduced me to new things. But also, chilling on the beach, baking, games, and movie nights were some of the best times! I highly recommend Monthly Roamers if you want to experience a new city like a local. Can’t wait for my next trip! 

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